David Takle

MDiv at Fuller Seminary

Having spent sixty-plus years as a Christian studying Kingdom Life described in the New Testament, David Takle has become an expert in the area of spiritual formation. David has four published books to help Christians experience the abundant life described in the New Testament. He also created the popular Forming module of Connexus. Be sure to get his most recent work, Transformation by Design: How God Changes Lives. David and his wife, Jan, have three adult children and six grandchildren. He completed his Masters of Divinity at Fuller Seminary with a concentration in Christian Formation.
Have you ever known what to do and yet didn’t do it? Have you found yourself doing something you know God said you shouldn’t be doing? The Apostle Paul did, too.We have some encouraging news: God changes people!
Does 'living the Christian life' feel like your rowing a boat against the inner current of your life and getting tired is the only progress you seem to be making? Or, maybe you feel like you were never issued both oars and your efforts have you seemingly going in circles but hardly forward?