Deni Huttula

Life Coaching

Denesia Huttula (Deni) is passionate about understanding the effects trauma has on our relational and emotional systems in the brain.

She discovered attachment theory 24 years ago while pregnant with her first child. Since then she’s been applying the concepts of Dr. Sears, Dr. Schore, and Daniel Siegel in her own relationships with her children, husband, and other family and friends.

She has personally found that God understands how we are designed- and He knows exactly how to work within that system to help us heal. The discovery of how science is aligning with the experiences she has had with God in her own healing journey is fuel for her aspirations.

She hopes to help shed some light on how the two go together in her future work as both a counselor and an author. Her latest book, The Author Still Speaks is just the beginning of her attempts to share the good news of how knowing God impacts our identity and emotional stability.

Building on the topic of transforming conversations with God, also known as Immanuel Prayer, Deni Huttula takes you further by introducing Immanuel Journaling.These conversations with God are personal and powerful, and often God will resolve our painful past experiences as we interact with the living presence of Jesus. Immanuel Journaling offers a pattern for these conversations that invites God to speak as we listen, then a method for recording what He says and our response.Immanuel Journaling will guide you into a deeper walk with God!