Dr. Karl Lehman

Immanuel Approach

Dr. Lehman is a board-certified psychiatrist with twenty-five years and more than forty thousand hours of clinical experience. He has worked tenaciously throughout his career to integrate his personal Christian faith with medical science, modern mental health care, and his rigorous scientific training; and he has especially worked to integrate faith-based emotional healing with insights provided by psychological and neurological research. In addition to observations from his clinical work and extensive ongoing study of a wide range of research literature, Dr. Lehman is also deeply committed to his own growth and healing. He is constantly learning through the application of emotional healing principles and tools in his personal journey.
What if we could show you a way to interact with God that is undeniably personal and powerful? What if these conversations with God could be transformative, changing you from the inside out? In addition, what if this connection with the living Jesus (Immanuel) could resolve painful life experiences and bring healing to your wounded heart?Immanuel Prayer is transforming conversations with God.