Dr. Marcus Warner

Deeper Walk International President

Marcus Warner has served as president of Deeper Walk International since 2006.  Marcus earned three degrees from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School – M.Div., Th.M. Old Testament, and D.Min.  He has written numerous books and spoken for both ministry and corporate groups across the country and around the world.  A Bible teacher at heart, Marcus has taught Old Testament and Theology at the junior high, high school, college, and seminary levels.  His passion is taking complex topics and making them practical and accessible for everyone.

The church has failed to produce spiritually-minded, relationally-connected, emotionally mature followers of Jesus. Seemingly, they are ever-increasingly creating a number of stuck, stalled, and dissatisfied believers and they are leaving the church in droves.Why? Dr. Marcus Warner share the answer and provides a solution: heart-focused discipleship!Discover what’s missing from your walk with God and how the church’s model needs to change.
Obviously, no one wants the devil for a roommate, but are you aware of the four doors you could open that would invite the devil into your life?Many Christians open these doors without even realizing what they have done. Have you, or someone you care about, already opened these doors?!The Apostle Paul warns believers to be careful not to give the devil a place in our lives (Ephesians 4:27).Dr. Marcus Warner teaches us the four doors we don’t want to open and what to do if we have already given him entrance.
You have an enemy and he is not kind. In fact, he has a plan to take you out, and you need to be aware of his tactics!Dr. Marcus Warner unveils the enemy’s core strategy, how his plans can lead us astray, and practical insights for to avoid and recover from his devious onslaught.
Traditional discipleship tends to focus on the ABC’s – Academics, Behavior, and Church, but often misses the heart. This session describes the difference between traditional discipleship and heart-focused discipleship and why a focus on the heart is crucial to any discipleship agenda.
Some Christians are like clogged wells. They have the Spirit inside of them, but something is stuck. The four elements of HFD relate to life in the Spirit – healing for baggage, freedom from bondage, a foundation of grace, and a listening/obeying walk in the Spirit. The remainder of the sessions will unpack these four core elements of HFD.
Few things are more miserable than trying to live the Christian life by walking in the flesh. The flesh has desires. The mind set on the flesh has strategies to meet those desires. The fruit of these desires and strategies are flesh patterns that keep us stuck. Part of breaking free is learning a new pattern for life: Seeking God, Listening to God, Obeying God, and Watching what happens.