Dr. Mark Bubeck

Founder of International Center for Biblical Counseling

Mark Bubeck founded the International Center for Biblical Counseling in 1986 while serving as pastor of the Central Baptist Church in Sioux City, IA. In 2006, ICBC became Deeper Walk International and has been a beacon for a biblically-balanced approach to spiritual warfare ministry ever since.He authored a number of notable books including The Adversary, The Adversary at Home, Overcoming the Adversary, Fire from Heaven, and Warfare Praying. According to his daughter, Judy Dunagan, Mark “Lived all that he taught, and he was the most Christ-like person I have ever known.”
Is your family enjoying generational blessings or are they missing out? Drawing from the pages of the Book of Samuel, Dr. Mark Bubeck teaches from this encounter with David and Nabal to demonstrate the generational blessings that are available to every family. Sadly, many families are missing the generational blessings they should be receiving.
How can parents watch over their children and shield them from evil? How can they practice protective prayer and what can its affects be in creating a spiritual heritage? How can parents discern when their children are vulnerable to evil?