Topic: Emotional Healing

toward a deeper walk with God

Building on the topic of transforming conversations with God, also known as Immanuel Prayer, Deni Huttula takes you further by introducing Immanuel Journaling.These conversations with God are personal and powerful, and often God will resolve our painful past experiences as we interact with the living presence of Jesus. Immanuel Journaling offers a pattern for these conversations that invites God to speak as we listen, then a method for recording what He says and our response.Immanuel Journaling will guide you into a deeper walk with God!
What if we could show you a way to interact with God that is undeniably personal and powerful? What if these conversations with God could be transformative, changing you from the inside out? In addition, what if this connection with the living Jesus (Immanuel) could resolve painful life experiences and bring healing to your wounded heart?Immanuel Prayer is transforming conversations with God.
Joy, relationships, and healing are foundation stones in addiction recovery. This is not the typical approach to recovery models that focus on the problem and steps to fix the problem.
Building on the foundation stones of addiction recovery, Ed Khouri takes you further to explore the things that serve as hindrances to recovery; he calls them B.E.E.P.S.
This session focuses on the spiritual side of the emotional healing process - listening prayer (the Holy Spirit) and spiritual warfare (demonic spirits). You will learn how these two processes often combine in helping people deal with the wounds of the past.
The Deeper Walk model for dealing with emotional maturity is built on the Bible, brain science, and Christian spirituality. This session looks at practical ways to help people build skills related to the left brain (knowledge), and the right brain (bonding and relational skill building).