Topic: Maturity

toward a deeper walk with God

Ed Khouri

Ed Khouri insists the key ingredient that makes good attachments stick is grace. So, what does grace look like in relationships? Why is it impactful? After answering these questions, Ed will also shed light on how grace leads to a change of identity, which is imperative if we are to become more and more like Jesus.

Ed Khouri

We have all seen people make unhealthy attachments in relationships and wondered why they couldn’t walk away or break free. Ed Khouri will explain how a lack of grace leads to fear-based living and the dreaded Four P’s; Pleasing, Performing, Pain, and Pleasure. You will want to know how unhealthy attachments form and the affects you will face with these unhealthy bonds.

Dr. Neil T. Anderson

Neil T. Anderson has been around the world ministering and in cultures where fear literally paralyzes people. The number of people diagnosed with anxiety disorders in America continues to rise year after year. We read the words from Scripture to "fear not," and "be anxious for nothing," but is that even possible? Dr. Anderson says, "Yes!" If you want to be free from anxiety and fear, listen up!

Maribeth Poole

More than merely believing in God, we need to attach to Him. In fact, bonding well is one of the most important skills we can develop!Maribeth Poole will introduce the four different styles of attachments; Secure, Dismissive, Anxious, and Disorganized. Discover your attachment style and how you bond and relate to God and to others. Learn how the bonding environment you grew up in has shaped you and how it affects your relationships today, especially your relationship with God.This understanding will free you to experience healing and it will empower you to increasingly offer secure bonds to others.

Maribeth Poole

God did not design you to be misunderstood and/or alone!God is intimately acquainted with all our ways. He is personally attuned to every nuance of our lives. Maribeth Poole will explain how God attunes with us to guide and support us on our journey. Learn from His example of attuning with His people and grow in your ability to support and help others on their journey.See the remarkable design woven within you to relate well with others.

David Takle

Have you ever known what to do and yet didn’t do it? Have you found yourself doing something you know God said you shouldn’t be doing? The Apostle Paul did, too.We have some encouraging news: God changes people!