Topic: Narcissism

toward a deeper walk with God

Ed Khouri

Narcissism is a real problem and it greatly impacts relationships. Many of you are living with, working with, or doing community with someone who you believe is a narcissist and you need help now. Listen as Ed Khouri provides affirmation (this problem and your pain are real) understanding (why is this happening?), answers (immaturity or true narcissism?), and practical help (what can I do?).

Dr. Jim Wilder

Dr. Jim Wilder leads some brain training in this session to help us overcome shame. While you won’t be present with the group to practice in-person, you can certainly gain the knowledge and the exercises to use with a group you can gather.

Dr. Jim Wilder

Everyone is wired to feel shame; our heads drop, our faces flush, we feel poorly about something we have said or done. Everyone is also wired to respond to shame but cultures develop different styles of response and our culture has developed a style of masking shame.